PDF DocumentMembership Application

Membership is open to all interested persons. Radio Control Flyers Unlimited strives to have a family setting so that both pilots and their families can enjoy the activities at the flying field. If you wish more information abou membership, please contact Greg Mariani at (209) 848-4828 (or email or contact any of the other club officers.

Membership fees are as follows:

Open member: (Age 18 or older)

  • Annual Dues: $100
  • New Members first year dues are prorated based on the number of months remaining in the year.
  • One time initiation fee of $25

Associate Member: (age less than 18)

  • Annual dues: $50 (Not prorated upon joining)
  • Upon reaching the age of 18, the Associate Member status will be revoked and the person must apply as an Open Member and pay all applicable dues and fees.

Family Member: (The spouse and/or children of an Open Member)

  • Annual Dues for each family member wishing to join is: $50 (Not prorated upon joining)

Any open member that does not pay their annual dues and any applicable fees or has let their membership lapse will be assessed the full annual membership fee plus any other fees not fully paid to rejoin.

PDF DocumentMembership Application