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Club Officers

President: Shawn Lenci president@rcflyersunlimited.com 209-985-4883
Vice President: Mike Storm vpresident@rcflyersunlimited.com 209-622-9356
Secretary: Ronald Lenci rcfu@rcflyersunlimited.com 209-838-3869
Treasurer: Ronald Lenci rcfu@rcflyersunlimited.com 209-838-3869
Membership Chair: Greg Mariani membership@rcflyersunlimited.com 209-324-1438
Safety Officer: Allen Cain safety@rcflyersunlimited.com 702-374-9242

Welcome to Radio Control Flyers Unlimited!

To give you a little idea of how this club came about, we’ll have to go back the year 1992. The Modesto R/C Club was looking for a nice place to fly, that would not interfere with other businesses or people around them. In this search, Woodward Reservoir seemed to be a likely spot. As you will note, Ward Hendricks field sits on a hill with no real obstructions, do to the great insight and thoughtfulness of Ward Hendricks (one of the original members). Ward would come out to the sight and watch wind directions and imagine possible layouts of the landing strip, long before any grading was ever done. Once county approval was given to the Modesto Club, grading of the large runway and parking lot took place. In 1995 paving of the runway would have to wait for a short period of time until funding and cost estimates were gathered for the 650 foot runway. Ideas for the site included having two runways, to have one runway build to run north and south, and the present design. Prior to construction of the runway, planes had to takeoff and land on a dirt runway. The main problem with this was the planes got dirty by the end of the day of flying. The runway area and parking area were constructed using the funds received by a one time special assessment fee. This fees was and is still assessed as a one time charge to all members. This is to allow further improvements and upkeep to the flying site. About 5 months after the proposal to pave a runway, members were enjoying taking off and landing from one of the nicest paved runways in California. A few years later during a hot summer in 1999, the members at the field stated that something had to be done about being under the hot sun all day. After seeing what other flying fields used to keep out of the sun, the membership decided to build large and solid sun shades. The shades were build by the members of the club to save money and had them build on only about a month. The members built two 20′ by 80′ open sided shade structures with a 20′ high ceiling. The large size allowed all flyers to be out of the sun and the high ceiling prevented the radiant heat from reaching the people under the shade. The members of this club strive to have the best flying field anywhere. The members are continuously coming up with suggestions to further improve the flying site. As you visit the field you will see that we have a relaxed atmosphere with all types of pilots and all type of flying machines. You will find that nobody cares what you fly as long as it is airworthy and safe. Therefore, we hope you will find your experience as a club member very enjoyable. You will find that with as many members that we have, you will always have help, ideas, or just swap stories most times you are at the flying field. Thank you for your interest and hope to see you at the field.

For any comments or questions, please email us at rcfu@rcflyersunlimited.com